RC Construction Services

General Construction

During the construction phase, R.C. Construction assumes full responsibility for the successful completion of all construction activities including schedule and cost management, quality control, safety and risk management, subcontractor oversight, and project close out.

Schedule management is achieved through the establishment and confirmation of of milestone goals, a consistently updated Master Schedule, a three-week “look ahead” schedule, and a material procurement log. Costs are managed through the use of a Master Budget in CSI format, updated weekly, a Contingency Usage Chart, and a Change Order Log. Quality is achieved through both product and installation management and inspection.

Safety management is achieved by full compliance to agency safety requirements, monitoring of Hazardous Materials, enforcement of OSHA standards, and weekly safety meetings and reports.

Client Communications and Relationship Management is always a top priority for us, and we empower our staff to maintain a consistently high client service oriented approach with open communications, and reporting.

You can count on R.C. to effectively manage our team, and your project, at all times during the Construction Phase.